Monday, 12 September 2016

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Monday, 22 February 2016

February update

Hello parents,
A few quick updates...

Math bags went home last week and are due back Tuesday.  Hopefully we can get back to a more regular routine with these.  Please continue to remind your child that these must come back every Tuesday.  They can always bring them back early, as well.

FLA - Students brought home a new French reading activity book.  There are approximately 30 pages left in this book.  The kids will be finishing these booklets by the end of the year.  I will be doing regular check-ins to see how far kids have worked, but they can choose to complete the book early if they wish.  If they want to do regular amounts from now until the end of June they should be completing 1-2 pages per week.  The booklet is meant to correspond with their French reading.  Every time that they read a book, or a chapter if they are reading a longer story, they are to fill out a page of comprehension work.  I have explained some of the comprehension pages, but for the most part I am hoping that kids work towards independent comprehension.  We have gone over some strategies as a class.  Kids know that they can always come to me if they don't understand something, but that they have to be able to express to me what they already understand and what they are stuck on.  While this booklet targets French reading comprehension, it also encourages the kids to work through French instructions on their own.  Kids can take home French books from our class library, but can also use any French books that they might have at home. 

Parents of students attending Ecole Viscount Alexander next year.
There is an open house at EVA on March 2nd.  An email went home last week. 

Report cards will be going home during our last week of March.  Tri-conferences are scheduled for the week prior to that. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January update and French penpals

Hello Parents,

 Happy New Year!

4Isaac has started some new projects this week that are keeping us motivated and learning. 

ELA/FLA – Students will be receiving penpals!  I have partnered with a class in the south of France that will be our penpals for the remainder of the year.  They are 10/11 years old and have just started learning English.  Students will be corresponding one on one to a student in both French and English.  As a class we will also be sending pictures, videos and perhaps small items to give them an idea of what life in Canada is like.  They have sent us a picture of their school already.  Our students were surprised to see a courtyard rather than a grassy field and a building that looked like a house rather than a school!  Students are currently in the process of writing their introduction letters where they are practicing paragraph writing.  They will be receiving replies to these letters in a few weeks.

Please click on the permission click email that arrived from the school to give your child permission.

 Art – Students are working hard on a weaving project.  The finished product will be a small pouch, similar to a ‘sac à feu’ that you might see at Festival du Voyageur.  These will come home in February.  With this project we have looked a little at colours and how they work together.  We are also practicing the fine motor skills that come with weaving strings and the use of artistic tools, such as the loom that students made from cardboard and yarn.  

Math – We have started our work on Fractions.  Grade 4 students are working towards understanding equivalent fractions (2/6=1/3, 4/8=1/2) and connecting decimal numbers to fractions (25/100 = 0.25).  Math bags are still coming home most every Wednesday.  They are due back the following Tuesday.  Please help remind your child to complete 30 minutes throughout the week and to return the bag on time.

Looking ahead

January 19th - Concert practice during the day - Permission letters to come
January 19th - Evening Winter Concert
January 28th - Parent evening

 A note from the school….

Parent Evening: How to Have Fun and Support Your Children

 Are you looking for fun and new ways to survive the winter months with your kids? Worried about keeping your kids engaged and learning throughout the summer? Interested in how to help your child reach their full potential? Come join us at Bonnycastle to learn about activities and resources available in the community. We can work together to help raise healthy and happy kids.

 Topics that will be discussed:

  • Free or low cost activities for families
  • Summer programming ideas
  • How to help your child reach their full physical, emotional and academic potential
Please join us on January, 28th from 6:30-7:30 in the Bonnycastle Library.

Childcare will be will be provided. Please RSVP your child’s classroom to let us know if you are able to attend.  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Just in case they don’t all make it home, here is a picture of our finished houses.  They all turned out great!  There was a ton of problem solving and math that went into this project.  Kids measured, cut, designed, baked, traced, glued, iced, estimated and decorated. The house that is coming home is a ‘from scratch’ design project of their own with minimal, or almost no, adult help.  Certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating!


Report cards went home today.  Please sign the pink sheet and return it, along with the envelope, at your earliest convenience. 


Tomorrow promises to be a fun day full of activities.  We will have some time at the end of the day for a celebration.  Anyone who wants to bring a treat to share with the class can do so. 


Happy holidays!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

December update

Hello parents,
As we head into the last two weeks of school before 2016 students in 4I are working on a variety of interesting topics. 

We are learning about light and energy in Science.  Grade 4 students should be able to define and explain the following terminology:

With Mme Davis students are learning about animal habitats, including the four parts of a habitat.

In French students are practicing their writing skills using a modeled/shared writing format. After looking at various models, the class writes a sample together.  Students then use the format practiced to write independently.  The writing that was sent home Wednesday is a sample of your child's writing using this modeled format. You are looking for the proper use of transition words (d'abord, ensuite, puis), use of verbs in the past tense, capital letters and proper punctuation.  You can also see how a writer organizes their text and ideas when writing in their 2nd (or 3rd!!) language.  There are two teacher edits and multiple student edits that were done before the final writing on the back of the booklet. 

You will also see two pieces of art coming home today.  One is a painting, the other a map of Canada.  Students were asked to define the 6 geographic regions of Canada through drawings.  You may see farms in the Prairies, or mountains on the west coast.
The painting of the snowy scene is meant to show the position of shadows.  Students were asked to place the moon and trees, and then place the shadows based on the position of the moon.  They used a shoe box, flashlight and toy tree to experiment with the shadow, and then drew this into their painting. 

We will be looking for volunteers to help during the last week of school, Dec 14th - Dec 18th.  We are gearing up for a large class project for which we will need volunteers.  If you are available, let me know time and day.  I will pick the days that work the best for as many people as possible.  Ideally, we are looking for 1.5 - 2.5 hour blocks, but anything is helpful!  If you are available, it would be a great opportunity to see your kids in action. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

November update

Hello parents and guardians,
Students in 4Isaac have been finishing up lots of important work recently.  Here is a quick update...

ELA - We are almost finished our Global Read Aloud book "Fish in a Tree".  We have had the chance to connect with a few different classes around Canada and have heard what they have been thinking about the book.  Today we Skyped with a class in London, Ontario where groups of students presented character sketches of 5 different characters.  As we finish up the novel, students will get the chance to do some more writing about the book.  We will be working towards reflective thinking where they will be asked to make connections between characters and themselves as well as between the book and their lives. 

FLA - Students did some great writing this week.  Through modeled and practiced writing, students were able to complete their own short paragraph on the subject "When I arrived at home". Grade 4 students are working towards introduction sentences, conclusion sentences, logical sequence in the middle and properly conjugated verbs.  As this point, students are choosing verbs from a list that are already conjugated correctly.  As we go forward, students will be starting to conjugating this verbs themselves.

MATH - This week was all about estimation! Students talked about the fact that an estimation is an educated guess that helps you check your calculation. At this point, grade 4 students are estimating by rounding to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000 (depending on the context) and calculating with either addition or subtraction. Next week, students will be practicing their problem solving skills.  They will be learning to choose either addition or subtraction and will be verifying with estimation. 
The math games on the website are always great ways to practice math fluency, as well as math bag activities.

I was not able to hand out new math bags this week, as not enough were returned. 
**Parents, please remind students to bring back math bags each Tuesday.  If these don't get returned, they can't get handed out the next week. 

SCIENCE - We start our unit on light next week. Some of the vocab that we will be covering early on...
-lumière naturelle
-lumière artificielle

Looking ahead
November 17th - Picture retakes orders due
November 20th - Grade 4 choir students singing at Moose game
November 20th - Scholastic orders due
November 23rd -No school - Report card writing
November 26th and 27th 3:30-5:30 - Farm to School order pick ups